Wf4Ever github repository:

Welcome to the Wf4Ever public repository. We currently have 23 repositories for the activities of the project. The table below provides a summary and links for each of them:

Name Description Link
AstroTaverna Astronomy plugins for Taverna Workbench link
Wf-Ro A service that converts Taverna workflows (scufl2, t2flow) to Research Objects link
RO manager Research Object manager command line tool(s) link
RO catalogue A collection of ROs for development and testing link
portal RO portal link link
rosrs-client-common A set of utility classes common to ROSRS clients link
rosrs Prototype implementation of RO store/retrieve service based on dLibra link
RO Research Object models, ontologies and examples link
rosrs-sms ROSRS Semantic Metadata Service - a library for processing RO metadata link
rosrs-dlibra ROSRS library for connecting to dLibra link
dlibra user webapp dLibra user management application link
RO primer Files for ro primer doc link
epnoi Recommender system link
testing wfprov A small app in order to get wfprov from an endpoint and get a trace of execution (in order). link
epnoi server Wf4Ever recommender system server link
scufl-desc Extension to Scufl2 which provides the export capability to wfdesc ontology from the Wf4Ever RO wfdesc ontology v0.1. link
Requirements Requirements and requirements analysis documents link
taverna-prov Taverna provenance export link
Robox Application to allow users to register their Dropbox accounts and have their folders of Research Objects sychronise with a Research Object repository. link
Dlibra-myExperiment import service Wf4Ever myExperiment Import Service. It contains a wizard for importing files, workflows and packs from users' accounts in link
Dlibra client gem prototype TClient library for the dLibra api of wf4ever Prototype 1 ROSRS link
Labs Repository used to store miscellaneous projects, code, mockups, etc. that don't go anywhere else. link
test suite prototype test suite for the Wf4Ever Research Object API, first protoype, using DropBox for the user interface. link